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Machine Room Less Elevators (MRL)
NOCEE ELEVATORS has entered  to provide machine room less machines and lifts. The innovative design dispenses the need for a separate machine room by incorporating the gearless machine within the lift shaft itself. 

The MRL is very reliable and together with low energy usage results in considerably reduced asset lifetime cost. Advanced components and superior build result in excellent ride quality. If you are looking for a reliable, space saving lift with low lifetime costs, the NOCEE ELEVATORS MRL Lift is for you.

» Minimal Headroom 
» No obtrusive plant room 
» More net lettable floor area 
» Low running costs 
» Excellent ride quality 
» Low noise levels 
» High duty cycles 
» Low lifetime costs

Available in capacities upto 10 passenger and speeds ranging from 0.63mps to 2.5 mps
Technical Specifications
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