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Goods Lift

Nocee Elevators, Goods/Freight Lifts are designed and manufactured utilising high quality well engineered components to provide a safe & smooth operation. NOCEE ELEVATORS provides freight/goods elevators with different platform size and capable to carry load upto 3000 kgs to different levels. Goods/Freight Lifts are used to transfer single or multiple pallet loads or equipment between floors in multistoried factories, godowns etc. We offer a wide range of options to ensure that it will exactly suits your needs.

Salient Features

  • Min 500 kg to Max 3000kg capacity
  • Fail safe operation
  • Easily and safely maintained
  • Variable platform sizes.
  • Different platforms including chequer plate
  • special paints and stainless steel skins

Optional Features

  • Passenger safeties
  • Voice announcing system
  • VVVF drive