Best Hospital Lift Provider

Hospital Lift

For healthcare facilities such as hospitals and private care facilities NOCEE Elevator can provide lifts with aesthetically pleasing but practical finishes combined with a smooth ride, accurate floor levelling and reliability.

Our bed lift also delivers a unique combination of flexibility, durability and ride quality - all of which add up to a long, trouble-free and productive life.


This includes variable dimensions (15 passenger to 26 passenger), door sizes and configurations.


Hospital lifts need to be tough enough to cope with a heavy work-load while having an aesthetically pleasing but functional form. Stainless steel finishes, handrail designs, lighting, floor coverings etc. are all available.

Ride Quality

When moving patients it's vital to have a bed lift that can move them smoothly, quickly and with the minimum of disruption. State-of-the-art drive technology makes such a difference, delivering a smooth, even ride, accurate levelling and reduced travel times.