Research & Development

The company focuses on the continuous development of its current products and the introduction of new ones that would meet the latest market demand. This is ensured by the high technical skills of engineers working in Technical Dept.

Latest CAD/CAM software is used for the mechanical design. This results in faster introduction of new products, which, in combination with the state of the art mechanical equipment, assures precise manufacturing and easy assembly / installation.

Special software has been developed for specific products such as cabins, which using parameterization of manufacturing drawings automates the production and ensures precision in every detail. Further more, technical advice and solutions are provided for special projects, where our typical products cannot be used.

Nocee brings together expertise in consulting, engineering and technology for the design and management of elevator control systems. We bring years of experience in planning, hardware and software developments for elevator controls systems.

We strive to go beyond technical competence, adding innovation and imagination to our approach to problem solving, evaluating alternate options and executing the most cost-effective solutions.